About Us

My name is Bré Taylor (pronounced like Bray). I'm the proud founder and owner of Native Girl by Bré Taylor. I'm both Navajo and Hopi. My shop is based on the Hopi Reservation. Starting my own business was honestly never my plan. The main reason why I started a business was because I wanted to be a stay at home mother and raise my two kids. This is my third year running my own business. It's definitley tough and also very rewarding. My brand was originally about the throwback vibes, ya know like from the 70's - early 2000's I liked the nostalgic feelings. It did well for a while but then I was just creating things with no story or intention. I felt like I was just trying to make things for the sole purpose of generating income for my little family. I wasn't liking art anymore, which was sad for me because I love art and creating things.  I was so frustrated with my business. I didnt know what to create anymore and I felt stuck. So, I took a step back and reevalutaed myself. I grew over the years and so should my brand. Now my brand is focused around native designs with a modern feel. I've never done native designs before, so I wanted to get in touch with that side of me and bring it forth. I also really enjoy poetry so I decided that I would involve my poems with my creations. I want to offer the world something more than just cool looking stuff. I want the things I create to resonate with people on a deeper level, and convey a message. My brand now is like a journal, it's my deepest thoughts and artwork. I'm not gonna lie, it definitely makes me feel a little vulnerable because my poems are something i've never shared with the world. But i'm also very happy to share with you who I am. Authentically and truly. With that said, everytime you buy from my shop you dont just buy something that was put together without intention. Everything I do I want it to hold meaning, because creating something meaningless just doesn't make sense anymore. My brand will continue to grow and evolve with me. I have big dreams and goals for my brand. It'll be something big one day, and something bigger than me. I want it to somehow change something in the world, I dont how yet but I know it'll come together.